Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Strength of My Soul - Pre-Order Sales

Family and Friends,

The time has arrived for you all to pre-order your copy of, "The Strength of My Soul, Stories of Sisterhood, Triumph and Inspiration". This book is a collection of stories from many different women in which Nikki and I shared our story with hopes to inspire, provide strength and spread love to families who may face a similar journey. Our chapter is titled "Anchored in Love" I am excited about this writing opportunity and also to complete a project that Nikki was in the midst of writing; she would be proud.

Please reserve your copy by clicking on the link below. I will be sure to autograph all copies purchased through me and include a special gift. I thank each of you in advance for your continued support.

The cost of the book is $25 with free shipping. 


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Who's Gonna Love You Like I Do I'm sitting here writing today listening to our playlist and Babyface came on; "Where Will You Go". That  song spoke to your heart that October day in 2009.  From the very first verse "We started out as simple friends" to the last verse "Who's gonna love you like I do" couldn't be more true had I said them to you myself in that very moment.  I am so grateful for that day.  

I remember calling you the next day after responding to your beautiful, dramatic, funny, heartfelt email.  I can tell both of us were silently tripping out with this new revelation and the turn our conversation had taken.  We spoke of us, our children, what we wanted, and I promised then, on that day to love you beyond what you could imagine love, true love to be.  You simply said... "I know you will."  

From then to now... I love you Mrs. Jenkins.  I thank God every morning for blessing me with your love. <3

#nikkirashan #RestInLove

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Been so long, Missing you Nikki

We shared some of the best times laughing until we cried. We even ribbed one another oftentimes riding that fine line of "Oh, you playing for real-real". One of our soft spots would be gently grazed and it was at that moment that ribbing would be over. Recently, I laughed aloud while remembering; then cried a gentle cry while missing you. 
It feels like yesterday Sweetheart that we said yes to being friends, yes to becoming us, yes to combining households, yes to getting married, yes to moving to LA, yes to standing together in the diagnosis and fighting as hard as we could for however long God would allow. 

I read your vows to me often and in return, recite mine to you; knowing you hear me... ❤️ 
I really miss you Mrs. Jenkins. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

120 days: Rest In Love

Sweetheart... It's been 4 months since I held your hand in mine and life as we knew it forever changed. You are missed deeply. So many emotions I could express but I'm sure you know all of them; all of mine and of your beautiful daughters. You are forever in our hearts.

Monday, August 31, 2015


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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 14th: It's Our Anniversary (2015)

Through my tears, my heartache, my sadness, and my loneliness... Lord still do I trust you.

I thank God for blessing me with your love; so pure, so genuine, and so fulfilling. I feel you even in your physical absence. Nikki Rashan Jenkins, thank you for believing in our love; For trusting in our destiny and for giving me all of you. Our meeting wasn't by chance. We were hand picked by our God because we were exactly what one another needed. For all that you've been to me; thank you. For all that you helped me through; thank you. For being my friend, my wife, my ambassador, and the love of my life; thank you.

You evoked lyrics to my heartbeat. A love song was created by our Union which I hear within my spirit. Your song, our song will forever live within me. My soul dances in remembrance of our yesterdays. Today I will cover myself in your scent and breathe you in deeply throughout my day.

I miss you. I love you. Our love has no end...

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.

Your Honey B ❤️

Saturday, July 4, 2015

60 day check-in

June 20, 2015, in Milwaukee WI, Nikki's ashes were placed at its resting place in an intimate ceremony amongst family. We shared our final farewells to a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Friend who was loved by many. Enclosed is a photo of her memorial stone and urn. As you can see, Nikki's ashes rest within her final book...❤️

What time has revealed is how unimaginably painful it is to rise with the sun and retire with the moon, alone. My everyday had consisted of a kiss in the morning before work and Nikki saying, "See you later honey. Have a good day." Mid-day text messages, and my after work commute telephone conversation asking what she'd like for dinner and catching up on the happenings of our day. As I walked into the house I greeted her wherever she was then loved up on her up with hugs and kisses as if we hadn't spoken all day. I miss that. I miss her. 

Am I angry? Sometimes. Am I hurt? Absolutely. Am I hopeful? Yes. Do I believe? Yes, with all of my heart and soul.

What I know is I must "get up" every single day in order for God to help me get through. The bible states in 2 Corinthians 4:9 "We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going." So on the 61st day I will rise again with the sun thanking God for blessing me with another day and telling him how I look forward to the amazing experiences he has for me. Then I turn over, pick up Nikki's picture from the nightstand (her favorite photo of us below), hold it close close to my heart, share the words from my heart, and kiss her good morning. As I retire with the moon, I Thank God again for his many blessings and comfort, kiss Nik goodnight then repeat this when the sun rises again; if it's God's will. 

Our souls connected the day we met and courted until we chose to be "more than friends". Though her physical presence has graduated to the perfect realm, my soul will remain connected to her. A love so genuine and so pure, that was destined to be does not end...

I cannot go without mentioning my amazing family/friends who have loved up on me non-stop. The last few years have not been kind due to the loss of my dad, mom, grandma and now Nikki. For listening, supporting, loving, guiding, and not leaving me alone; THANK YOU from the depths of my heart. God has blessed me with some wonderful people in my life. 

The prayers of family and friends are surely working in my favor. Thank you ALL for your text, emails and calls. I know I'm non-responsive most of the time and I apologize for that. I'm still not quite communicative; please keep praying for me.

May you all have a safe holiday weekend with your families and friends. 

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